Organizing with Legos

One of the biggest problems that the Esposito family has had since moving into our house 3ish years ago has been keeping our keys in order. Both the Mrs. and I have two sets of keys for our cars as well as a ring for locks for the shed and some miscellaneous keys.

While the spares tend to stay neat on our key rack, my wife and I are always misplacing our keys (the kids tend to help with that as well). Aside from the pain in the ass that comes with looking for keys, we also have a habit of putting them where they shouldn’t be – in the sight line of the kids.

We tried many different solutions with little success, well that is until I saw a life hack article that noted you could organize keys with Legos.

This past week, I took the kids to the Lego Store (always a jungle) and let our son pick out two Lego keychains for his mom and me. She got Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie and I got Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles. I also bought a package of Lego City bases. The total cost was roughly $25 or so.

When I got home, I drilled 4 1/8″ holes in the corners of the bases and wrote Esposito Keys on one of the bases and spare keys on another. My son and I then mounted the bases to the wall next to our front door for our car keys and another for our spares on the basement steps. So far, so good. We’re using the plates to store our keys, clutter is down and we haven’t lost keys yet. It also looks pretty bad assed.Lego Key Organizer