Legoland Discovery Center – Somerville

On the last day of the kids holiday break, we decided that Noah needed some TLC and a Noah day (that Brooke could tag along on). Since one of his current obsession is with Lego, we decided to give the Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville a go.

Overall, the place was great and both Noah and Brooke had a blast.


  • People cannot attend WITHOUT kids
    • This means that you don’t have to be on the look out for that weird guy trying to trade minifigures with the kids
  • Accessible for kids of all ages. We have a 3.5 and 15-month old so keeping them entertained was vital.
  • Rotating 4D movies included in price
  • Very hands on
  • Rides have short lines
  • Free Bricks
  • Minifigure trading


  • Place is small
  • While Boston city scape scenes are epic, more for parents than kids
  • Ticket line to enter is LONG – even if you pre-purchased

Pro Tip:

  • Buy tickets online – you can save $4 per person
  • If you have a family of four, you would need to attend at least 4 times to make it net out

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