Parenting FYI

Kids love them some TimTam cookies

About a month or so back, I received some cookies from TimTam to review since the Australian cookie company was coming to the States. While I can’t eat the cookies due to them being chocolate, that didn’t stop my kids. My then 3-year old and 17-ish month old totally loved them (as did my wife). They are pretty cool and… Read more →

Preparing the kids for a blizzard

If you live in the Northeast, chances are, you are prepping for an epic storm that will drop a shit-ton of snow onto our properties. The words epic, crippling and life-threatening have been buoyed around to describe this storm. With the way that they are hyping this, I am guessing that Godzilla is going to be dropping a┬áPeople’s Elbow or… Read more →

Amber Alerts coming to Facebook

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they would be partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to post Amber Alerts to users’ Facebook newsfeeds. While the social networking behemoth has done past work on getting Amber Alerts out there, this one is a really great move. On one hand, it allows users to see verified alerts in… Read more →