DIY Projects

Dad of the year… er, winter

So, if you haven’t been following along from home <spoiler alert>, this winter has sucked in New England. Not only was there over 100 inches of snow, but a lot of ice and cold that would make Jon Snow turn away from the Wall. With that said, winter is still a magical time for kids of all ages, especially when… Read more →

DIY Roof Rake

Let’s face it – this winter has sucked. In the Boston area, we have seen 7 feet of snow in just three weeks. Home supply stores have seen their shelves stripped bare – kind of like the supermarkets with milk and bread prior to any storm. Hell the local Home Depots have started selling their home-made roof rakes since they… Read more →

Nick Jr. Wins Snow Day & Juno Real Time Marketing

When we were still hunkered down under Juno’s mass dumping of snow, I received an email from Nick Jr. that was not only well timed, but also offered a creative outlet to cure cabin fever (if only we had a printer) titled Snow DAY! Now overall, I prefer Sprout for our kids over Nick Jr., but some of their shows… Read more →

Organizing with Legos

One of the biggest problems that the Esposito family has had since moving into our house 3ish years ago has been keeping our keys in order. Both the Mrs. and I have two sets of keys for our cars as well as a ring for locks for the shed and some miscellaneous keys. While the spares tend to stay neat… Read more →