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An Ode, er toast to Pi Day

Beer: Enjoy by 3.14.15 Brewery: Stone ABV: 9.4% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 3/14/15 Unlike most of Stone’s Enjoy By series, I actually waited for the date signified on the bottle to sample the beer. The reason for that is more along the date and my inner geek than being a lazy oaf. For those of you who live under a rock, 3/14/15 was… Read more →

Beer Review – Clown Shoes Royal Standard

Beer: Royal Standard Brewery: Clown Shoes ABV: 10% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date: 2/1/15 This was a very refreshing beer after a long day with enough ABV to heal all ills. When the bottle was first opened, you could really catch a whiff of the malt – very strong and smells like it could be a bit hot. When it was poured, the beer was… Read more →

Harpoon Czernobog Review

Beer: Czernobog Brewery: Harpoon ABV: 10% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date: 1/30/15 This beer starts with a rich molasses nose. On first sip, I get a lot of chocolate and dark sugars. As you drink it a bit, you get coffee on the back of your throat with hints of plum or cherries as it warms. The downside of this beer is that you taste… Read more →

Smistletoe – A Beer Review

Beer: Smistletoe Brewery: Smuttynose ABV: 9.4% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 1/24/15 Over the holidays, I did a beer swap with a buddy of mine. An Enjoy By from Stone for a pretty sweet ceramic bottle of Smuttynose’s new holiday beer Smistletoe, straight from their New Hampshire brewery. I had been sitting on this beer for a few months and decided that it was a… Read more →

Art of Darkness – A Review

Beer: Art of Darkness Brewery: Brewery Ommegang ABV: 8.9% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date:  1/18/15   You know that you are drinking this beer. As with most of Brewery Ommegang beers, you know that they are going to be complex. With Art of Darkness, you don’t get any hops for at least the first 2-3 sips. Initially, the aroma is strongly malty and finishes… Read more →

Review: Sierra Nevada Wild Hop IPA (Harvest 2014)

Beer: Harvest 2014 – Wild Hop IPA Brewery: Sierra Nevada  ABV: 6.5% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 This is a very aromatic beer. To be quite honest, it smells like weed – reefer – marijuana. We all know what this smells like and it is not something you can mistake. This is the fifth of five beers in Sierra’s Harvest beers for 2014 and… Read more →

Review: Berliner Style Lager – Jack’s Abby

Beer: Berliner Style Lager – Sour Wheat Lager Brewery: Jack’s Abby ABV: 3.5% Rating: 3 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 I have honestly been searching for the sour beer that I tasted in the Jack’s Abby tap room for a while now. I bought a bottle, but can’t find the name in my Untapped – not very happy about that. On a recent trip to Gordon’s… Read more →