Books for Dads

One of the things that I feel has helped my wife and I with our kids as they have grown is that we read a lot of books. We don’t take each one as gospel, but rather something that could help out in terms of making our lives easier and also a little bit easier on the kids. Below are links to books that we’ve found helpful and still use today – where applicable. Please note that these links are Amazon affiliate links and if you buy one or two, I can make some scratch (pennies really).

The Expectant Father – this is pretty much the companion piece for the womanly What to Expect When you are Expecting book that all females read while preggers. It is quite useful and offers advice for folks in non-traditional home situations and adoptions as well.

The Contented Toddler – very British, but when you get past that, it has some helpful tidbits for dealing with the Terrible Twos and issues that little boys go through.

Babywise – this book is controversial if you mention it on social media sites. A freind reccomended to me and some crazy broad went on a tirade on how I would never be a good dad – and we never met. That troll got a Child Please really quick, but was not the PC version. This book offers advice on sleep training your kids and getting them into routine. It helped with both of our kiddos to an extent.

1,2,3 Magic – this book was a life-saver for us when my son and I were having a lot of fights and our relationship was really shitty. He wouldn’t let me put him to sleep or go anywhere with me that mom was not involved. Using the method turned our relationship around and is really simple and effective. For bonus fun and giggles, be sre to check out the dude’s videos.