20140824_113250For those of you that I have yet to meet, my name is Jeff Esposito. My kids think I am kind of a big deal, so there.

I am a born and bred Jersey-boy who has been transplanted into New England. In 2011, I became a father for the first time. I thought it was so awesome, that Mrs. Espo and I added to the brood in 2013. You could say that we have the “ideal” little flock: a boy, girl, wife, two cars, a house with a yard (we took the picket fence down last year).

By day, I manage social media for a big company and share my musings on the space on my professional blog. When time permits, I like to brew my own beer and catch live sporting events.

Oh yeah… the title of this blog. In college, I was an English major, with Edgar Allen Poe being one of my favorite authors. Following college, I worked for the Baltimore Ravens and have been a pretty big fan ever since.