First Snow of 2015

So far, this winter has been pretty lame. By that, I mean that there hasn’t been much snow and that I have been 20150124_125504sitting and waiting to play with my new toy – a snowblower. Well that all changed this past weekend (and will probably change tonight and into the next 36 hours).

Not only was I excited to wake up and see the snow-a-fallin, but so were the kids. After all of the Frozen watching, I was able to finally say yes to the kids when they asked “Do you wanna build a snowman.”

While we laughed at paying $3 at the Home Depot for a snowman building kit, it really came in handy. Sure he wasn’t the purdiest snowman, or the sturdiest (he fell down Sunday), he was still our first of the year and was something that lil man was truly proud of and asked me to take a picture of.

Another takeaway from the snowstorm was that lil girl is a bonafide snow baby who did not want to come inside, no matter how cold it was or how red her cheeks got.