DIY Roof Rake

Boston Winter 2015

Let’s face it – this winter has sucked. In the Boston area, we have seen 7 feet of snow in just three weeks. Home supply stores have seen their shelves stripped bare – kind of like the supermarkets with milk and bread prior to any storm. Hell the local Home Depots have started selling their home-made roof rakes since they cannot meet the supply with another crappy storm coming in less than 24 hours (for a whopping $50).

So if you are scared that your roof is going to cede to the elements? Do you just want to clear the 2+ feet of snow off of your roof? or is your store out of roof rakes? Well, I may have the solution for you – build your own.

Build my own? YES.

It is actually quite simple. All you need is the following:

  • 10′ piece of 1″ PVC tubing
  • 10′ piece of 1 1/4″ PVC tubing
  • 2 aluminum brackets
  • 2 sets of nuts and bolts
  • 4 zippy screws
  • 24″ 1×8 pine
  • 4 3″ nut/bolt set up
    • 2 wingnuts
  • Optional
    • 3″ PVC elbow
    • Additional PVC @ 1/4″ increments


To assemble, slide the smaller PVC into the larger. Slide smaller PVC up and attach mounting brackets. Cut pine to appropriate length and then find center, attach PVC/mounting pieces. Slide mounts flush with larger PVC, drill two holes, using two bolts to hold in place. ┬áRemove bolts and PVC – measure 4 inches from bottom and draw red line. Reinsert smaller PVC/pine apparatus, extend until red line meets lower hole originally drilled, drill hole – insert first bolt, then drill another hole in top hole inserting other bolt. This will complete the build. Use these two holes with wingnuts.

I added a 3″ elbow so that I could drop ice-melt into our gutters. Overall cost is ~$30.

The inspiration that I used was the video below, however the 36″ ther recommended was too heavy for the 1″ PVC so I reduced the size of the wood.