Trials and tribulations from a father of two

Do you dare take a peek into the rabbit hole and craziness of fathering two kids under the age of four? If so, don't say I didn't warn you.

The essence of being a dad

It isn’t often that a commercial catches the essence of a mindset or state of being, most notably in the dad realm. Sure we get dads in all kinds of things, but more often than not, moms are seen as the household hero. Think Marge vs. Homer in the Simpsons. So when I see commercials like this one from Whirlpool,… Read more →

Kids love them some TimTam cookies

About a month or so back, I received some cookies from TimTam to review since the Australian cookie company was coming to the States. While I can’t eat the cookies due to them being chocolate, that didn’t stop my kids. My then 3-year old and 17-ish month old totally loved them (as did my wife). They are pretty cool and… Read more →

Light it up blue

Autism is something that hits home with me and my family. It also impacts many families across the world. Please share the image and consider donating to Autism Speaks. Read more →

An Ode, er toast to Pi Day

Beer: Enjoy by 3.14.15 Brewery: Stone ABV: 9.4% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 3/14/15 Unlike most of Stone’s Enjoy By series, I actually waited for the date signified on the bottle to sample the beer. The reason for that is more along the date and my inner geek than being a lazy oaf. For those of you who live under a rock, 3/14/15 was… Read more →