Dad of the year… er, winter

So, if you haven’t been following along from home <spoiler alert>, this winter has sucked in New England. Not only was there over 100 inches of snow, but a lot of ice and cold that would make Jon Snow turn away from the Wall. With that said, winter is still a magical time for kids of all ages, especially when… Read more →

DIY Roof Rake

Let’s face it – this winter has sucked. In the Boston area, we have seen 7 feet of snow in just three weeks. Home supply stores have seen their shelves stripped bare – kind of like the supermarkets with milk and bread prior to any storm. Hell the local Home Depots have started selling their home-made roof rakes since they… Read more →

Beer Review – Clown Shoes Royal Standard

Beer: Royal Standard Brewery: Clown Shoes ABV: 10% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date: 2/1/15 This was a very refreshing beer after a long day with enough ABV to heal all ills. When the bottle was first opened, you could really catch a whiff of the malt – very strong and smells like it could be a bit hot. When it was poured, the beer was… Read more →

Harpoon Czernobog Review

Beer: Czernobog Brewery: Harpoon ABV: 10% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date: 1/30/15 This beer starts with a rich molasses nose. On first sip, I get a lot of chocolate and dark sugars. As you drink it a bit, you get coffee on the back of your throat with hints of plum or cherries as it warms. The downside of this beer is that you taste… Read more →

BeanStalk Adventure Ropes – Reading, MA

As you may have hear, the state of Massachusetts got a lot of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. While many folks headed back to work, my son’s preschool was closed, so we had a home day. Instead of adding to our cabin fever, I decided that we would do an adventure and tossed the decision over to Megatron. Option one… Read more →

Nick Jr. Wins Snow Day & Juno Real Time Marketing

When we were still hunkered down under Juno’s mass dumping of snow, I received an email from Nick Jr. that was not only well timed, but also offered a creative outlet to cure cabin fever (if only we had a printer) titled Snow DAY! Now overall, I prefer Sprout for our kids over Nick Jr., but some of their shows… Read more →