We went solar – will you?

20150106_130827 (1)Last week was a big milestone for the Esposito household. You see for the first time since getting our solar panels put on our house in late September, we were actually able to turn them on.

Why we went solar

When we moved into our home in Waltham, we received hang tags once a week (at least) from companies trying to get us to add solar panels to our roof. Many folks just left cards or tried to get us to sign up on the spot. Pro tip: don’t be a sketchy salesman – no easier way for you to lose┬ábusiness.

My wife and I were interested, however with child #2 on the way, we were more passive buyers if you will. We knew that we got a boat ton of sun on our house and that we just needed the right cookie to get us on board.

Literally a cookie

One afternoon, while at the local Home Depot, Noah was playing on the tractors and I got approached by the Solar City sales rep set up in the store. While I first told him I was watching my son on the tractors and that I would get to him after, Noah quickly lost interest in the tractor. You see, homeboy from Solar City had cookies. As any parent will tell you, that cookies (chocolate chips) are the fastest way to a boy’s heart. Bye, bye John Deere. While Noah was pulling a Cookie Monster, the rep and I took a look at my house, the sun location and then traded information for them to follow up with me.

The Process

Unlike many sales processes, the process of getting started on the path to solar was really easy. The salesman was from Kansas City and new to Boston 20150106_131541and really showcased the benefits of solar, what we could expect to pay and the anticipated savings. All we had to do was share a recent electric bill. After mulling options, we decided on the zero money down and signed the paperwork for the team. Everything was smooth sailing and we were even installed early. The only hang up was our electric company NStar. They delayed the green light to turn us on, but hey I guess you wouldn’t like losing money either.

Parting thoughts

Overall, the decision to move to solar just seemed to make too much sense for us. Are there risks, yes. But at the same time any little part we can do to save money and do some power offsets, we should all do our part. The one thing that I would say though is that if you do decide to go solar, that you should keep on your electric company since they may drag their feet. Also if you are interested in learning more on solar or Solar City, drop me a note and I can connect you with our Solar City rep. If you decide to sign up, I will even get some money – not that I am pushing you or anything.