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Review: Sierra Nevada Wild Hop IPA (Harvest 2014)

Beer: Harvest 2014 – Wild Hop IPA Brewery: Sierra Nevada  ABV: 6.5% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 This is a very aromatic beer. To be quite honest, it smells like weed – reefer – marijuana. We all know what this smells like and it is not something you can mistake. This is the fifth of five beers in Sierra’s Harvest beers for 2014 and… Read more →

Review: Berliner Style Lager – Jack’s Abby

Beer: Berliner Style Lager – Sour Wheat Lager Brewery: Jack’s Abby ABV: 3.5% Rating: 3 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 I have honestly been searching for the sour beer that I tasted in the Jack’s Abby tap room for a while now. I bought a bottle, but can’t find the name in my Untapped – not very happy about that. On a recent trip to Gordon’s… Read more →