Jay Cutler is not dad of the year

I get it, parenting at times can be crazy and even can suck a bit. I am OK admitting that I I love seeing my wife come home after I am with the kids solo for some time. However, it never gets out of control and I never get overwhelmed to the point of begging Mrs. Espo to come home… Read more →

First Snow of 2015

So far, this winter has been pretty lame. By that, I mean that there hasn’t been much snow and that I have been sitting and waiting to play with my new toy – a snowblower. Well that all changed this past weekend (and will probably change tonight and into the next 36 hours). Not only was I excited to wake… Read more →

Preparing the kids for a blizzard

If you live in the Northeast, chances are, you are prepping for an epic storm that will drop a shit-ton of snow onto our properties. The words epic, crippling and life-threatening have been buoyed around to describe this storm. With the way that they are hyping this, I am guessing that Godzilla is going to be dropping a People’s Elbow or… Read more →

Smistletoe – A Beer Review

Beer: Smistletoe Brewery: Smuttynose ABV: 9.4% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 1/24/15 Over the holidays, I did a beer swap with a buddy of mine. An Enjoy By from Stone for a pretty sweet ceramic bottle of Smuttynose’s new holiday beer Smistletoe, straight from their New Hampshire brewery. I had been sitting on this beer for a few months and decided that it was a… Read more →

Dove rolls out Super Bowl ad aimed at Dads, try not to tear up #realstrength

Dove has been known for having some hard-hitting, emotion generating advertisements. Most times, they are geared towards women. Many marketing publications will point to the “real beauty” campaign as somewhat of a transformational ad. Men, dads in-particular, are often left out of the parenting conversation when it comes to ads. Sure data shows that moms are the bigger target for… Read more →

Reflecting on the Seton Hall Fire 15 years later

Let me say this, 15 years is a long time. On this day 15 years ago, I was an 18-year old freshman at Seton Hall University living with Eamon Moye, Burton Bell and some other Jeff (I can’t remember his name, but he was not a good roommate) in Boland Hall. Unlike most kids in the dorm, we were living… Read more →

Art of Darkness – A Review

Beer: Art of Darkness Brewery: Brewery Ommegang ABV: 8.9% Rating: 3.5 of 5 Date:  1/18/15   You know that you are drinking this beer. As with most of Brewery Ommegang beers, you know that they are going to be complex. With Art of Darkness, you don’t get any hops for at least the first 2-3 sips. Initially, the aroma is strongly malty and finishes… Read more →

Review: Sierra Nevada Wild Hop IPA (Harvest 2014)

Beer: Harvest 2014 – Wild Hop IPA Brewery: Sierra Nevada  ABV: 6.5% Rating: 4 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 This is a very aromatic beer. To be quite honest, it smells like weed – reefer – marijuana. We all know what this smells like and it is not something you can mistake. This is the fifth of five beers in Sierra’s Harvest beers for 2014 and… Read more →

Review: Berliner Style Lager – Jack’s Abby

Beer: Berliner Style Lager – Sour Wheat Lager Brewery: Jack’s Abby ABV: 3.5% Rating: 3 of 5 Date: 1/16/15 I have honestly been searching for the sour beer that I tasted in the Jack’s Abby tap room for a while now. I bought a bottle, but can’t find the name in my Untapped – not very happy about that. On a recent trip to Gordon’s… Read more →

Amber Alerts coming to Facebook

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they would be partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to post Amber Alerts to users’ Facebook newsfeeds. While the social networking behemoth has done past work on getting Amber Alerts out there, this one is a really great move. On one hand, it allows users to see verified alerts in… Read more →