BeanStalk Adventure Ropes – Reading, MA

BeanSprout - Jordan's Furniture

As you may have hear, the state of Massachusetts got a lot of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. While many folks headed back to work, my son’s preschool was closed, so we had a home day. Instead of adding to our cabin fever, I decided that we would do an adventure and tossed the decision over to Megatron. Option one was to go ice skating at Jordan’s Furniture in Avon; Option 2 was to head to the Jordan’s in Reading for their BeanStalk Adventure rope course. When my son saw the pictures, he said rope course, I may be a little small for ice skating.

With the snow screwing things up royally, the store didn’t open until noon, so we headed over to grab a bite at Fuddruckers (burger was under done). Afterwards – we hit the rope park. Below are some thoughts on the experience.


  • Affordable – small kids (under 4 feet) are $6 for 30 minutes
  • Two separate courses make it fun for the whole family
    • One for small kids
    • One for bigger kids and adults
  • Parents have to accompany children on smaller park
  • Staff really focused on safety


  • The harnesses can confuse smaller kids
  • The harnesses lead to kids getting stuck. They get connected to ropes and a pulley-like device that 20150128_124636sometimes gets kids stuck and causes traffic jams
  • They yell at kids for swinging – come on now if you harness me into something, I am going to swing like a mofo
  • Can get congested for the smaller kids. Kiddos this age want to do what they want to do. So it can be like herding cats
  • The¬†Splash water show goes on and gets really loud, could be bad for noise-sensitive kids

Pro Tips:

  • This is a great rainy day activity, but go early
  • The course takes time for the kids to get adjusted
  • You can grab lunch, a snack, a movie or a sofa before/after

Overall, this is something that I would highly recommend for any parent looking for an activity on a wintry or rainy day. The cost is right and it is really not a far drive from the Boston area – something like 20-30 minutes.